It was my first charter of the season, back after the winter off, and my favorite client and her friend and I were celebrating boating a 247-pound Broadbill Swordfish as the first fish of the season on my new charter vessel. Fast forward seven months, and Cathy and I landed in a helicopter on a remote island nearly 100 miles from the resort island we were calling home for the next eight days…or so I thought.

No longer tuna virgins

Catch and Release is seldom practiced. In Louisiana, there is a strong culture of “feed your neighbor, and everyone else”. People like to load the cooler, which is why the TX-LA Invitational Tagging Tournament became so special for me.

A Big Fish Story

Every angler has a good fish story.  Each time that story is told, the tale becomes a little taller, the details get a little juicier, and the legend lives on.  For Paul Ippolito, Mike Ippolito, Ron Roland, and Patrick Fitzmorris, what began as a Memorial Day fishing trip for blue marlin turned into a weekend they will never forget, a legacy to be passed down, and one unforgettable, big fish story!