Large Game
Venison Shanks - Osso Buco Style

Shanks!!! Look past the sinew and forget about the tendons as a slow warm bath tenderize the shanks and develops into an amazingly rich broth.

Moroccan Spiced Venison with Harissa and couscous

Holly Hearn from Game Girl Gourmet initially developed this Moroccan spiced Venison recipe around the holidays last year. Topped with scratch made harissa and served over a bed of couscous makes this venison dish a show stopping holiday favorite!

Sicilian-Braised Heart of Venison Orecchiette

I am always “on the hunt,” for unique game recipes. After a successful deer hunt, most hunters do not consider saving the heart. It is actually quite delicious when prepared correctly. Many shy away because it is easy to overcook. This simple pasta recipe will make you the favorite cook at the camp!


Not only is this dish a fantastic entrée, but it also makes a great appetizer. You might even try it for breakfast. Create the ultimate sandwich with the crispy-fried venison schnitzel topped with a fried egg and served between 2 slices of toasted white bread. It is an explosion of flavor!