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Bayou Wild TVFrom the murky waters of the Sportsman’s Paradise, stories emerge. Stories of the generations of people who have shared in the bounties of the land; stories of communities that have persevered through natural disasters; stories of the abundance of fish, wildlife, and adventures that create an ecosystem rich in diversity. And from the silted banks of the mighty Mississippi to the soggy marsh bottoms; from the tops of towering pine forests to the depths of the salty gulf, humans and animals have shared this fortune for centuries. Enjoy these stories as told by outdoor journalists who travel across our state documenting the adventure, sportsmanship, and heritage that make us BAYOU WILD!

Join Bayou Wild TV hosts Don Dubuc and Martha Spencer as they document the adventure, sportsmanship, & heritage of the outdoors.  Click here to view a full list of channels & airtimes in your area or to watch past episodes on-demand

Martha & Don on the radio
  • Don Dubuc

    Host, Award Winning Outdoor Journalist

  • Martha Spencer

    Co-Host, Meterologist & Outdoor Journalist

  • Chef John Folse

    Louisiana's Authority on Seafood & Wild Game Cooking

  • Christopher LeCoq

    Producer/Director, Award Winning Outdoor Journalist


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LA Wildlife Fisheries Foundation

The Mission of the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Foundation is to enhance and encourage public enjoyment and use of the wildlife and fisheries resources of this state.

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The Island - Hunting & Fishing Paradise just outside of New Orleans
A True Sportsman’s Paradise
Watch for Bayou Wild TV episodes from this unique hunting lodge
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Cajun Lures as seen on Episode 64 of Bayou Wild TV


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