Freshwater Seafood
Crawfish Ratatouille

Springtime in Louisiana is more than just the typical spicy crawfish boils. Grab a pound of tails and just about every vegetable in your garden for this wonderful, and tasty baked dish.

Silverfin™ Steaks with Fresh Berries

Several species of Asian carp exist, but Silver carp is the most notorious – as a menace and as a jumper when boat motors roar!

SilverFin™ on a Stick Recipe

Asian carp were brought to the United States in the 60s and 70s for use in a government agency and academic research

Silverfin™ Cakes Recipe

The spread of Asian carp into the Mississippi River Basin is likely the result of insufficient controls to contain the fish in the ponds when conducting research. The flooding of the 70s and 90s furthered the invasion

Silverfin™ Almondine Recipe

Asian carp have been farmed in China for over 1,000 years, serving as an ancient food staple throughout Asia.